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*For Register,u must know your self to all ,exlain to all...

So u must checking up the newest version SAMP Client on
For if u want still like play this server..

First of all, DON'T ASK!! Admins are selected by Gang-War(TDM) from players who have been here a  long time & must have /getinfo ID your kill have a 80 up more, and who are well known by the players u a good player and keep a /rules. If we want you to be an admin, WE WILL ASK YOU....!

You can post any Suggestions for the server or script in the Suggestions section of the Player Forums.

Unfortunatly, GANG-WAR(TDM) is still being develloped and is not available for download..
So Not yet Be Release.

Type /getinfo ID in the game to see your current life stats, You can also use these commands to see another player's status Too.

If you are /register, yes they do. Make sure you /login before spawning.

& ETC.

/getinfo ID
in game.

Press " F4 " Button On your KeyBoard. The next time you die, you will be sent to the class selection screen. Or Type The /kill to kill yourself immediatly..Then Selecting Ur Skin, .

Check out the the Forums .for more information. You can also type /help, /rules or /cmds  /getinfo ID /weaponsmenu /carspawner /anims in the game for information.

GANG-WAR'S Stands For Death Match ,killing. Yes, it's that simple!!

We are a server for the multiplayer mod "SA-MP" for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Our goal since we started in 2006 is to provide a great, realistic gamemode based on criminals and gang's chasing them.

Click on the "Ban Appeals" button on the page or clicking here: [ FORUM ] and fill out out the BAN APPEALS Unban Form,Post Your BAN appeals. Your unban request could take a while to be processed, so please be patient. Do NOT post in the forums or contact admins about being unbanned!

*DO stop play server 48Hour or ,Easy Close Your Router Modem And turn ON back 5minute,then Join back the Game,WITHOUT HACKER OR CHEATER.

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Added by: Carson Teo


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